Fight the Social fright tip #2 – Turn those comments on and get ready to engage

In the dynamic world of marketing, it’s essential to keep pace with the latest social platforms. But, often, it’s the consumers who pave the way for brands. They seek a digital realm where they can have ghoul of a time, connect with friends, share their passions, and follow the personalities and brands that resonate with their spook-tacular identities. However, they also desire information and assistance, delivered in a friendly, human manner. After all, the essence of social media lies in the ‘social’ element; those who seek quick answers usually find them on their own.

Yet, when brands venture into these new digital landscapes, they may encounter an adjustment period. We often get asked by our clients: How should the brand engage with the audience? (Hint: Turn those comments on and reply back).


Be bold enough to actively participate in conversations

Consumers aren’t drawn to brands that churn out corporate jargon-filled statements, producing content drier than Freddy Krueger’s humour. Successful brands on social media are those unafraid to share unconventional, entertaining, and unexpected content. They’re bold enough to actively participate in conversations within the comments or replies section. They don’t take themselves too seriously and are eager to engage in trending memes and stay attuned to internet culture, all while fostering an inclusive and welcoming boo-tiful environment.

One prime example of a brand excelling in social media engagement is Wendy’s. Wendy’s Twitter/X account is known for its witty, humorous, and often cheeky responses to customer inquiries and comments. They’ve mastered the art of being engaging and relatable, creating a substantial following and fostering a strong online presence that’s scarily good.

These brands become known for their approachability, relatability, and trustworthiness, creating a dynamic rapport with their audience that’s a real treat.


Don’t Be Afraid: It’s an opportunity to show you values in action

For many brand marketers, the idea of allowing comments on their posts and responding in a relatable tone can seem like opening Pandora’s Box. There’s a lingering fear of potential mishaps, and the question looms: What if something goes bump in the night?

While social media remains a vital communication channel for brands, it’s also a space where people discuss everything from their favourite films to escaping information overload.

When your brand engages in real conversations, it allows your audience to witness your values in action. It creates a space for people to interact, have fun, and fosters a sense of community. It shifts the focus from merely receiving marketing messages from a brand to having a howlingly good experience with friends.


So, let go of your apprehensions and start a conversation! You never know where it might lead. Embrace the world of social media with open arms and be the brand that your audience loves to engage with, because in the realm of marketing, it’s better to be a friendly ghost than a haunted house.

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