Platform updates: The latest from TikTok, Threads, YouTube, Instagram and Reddit

Straight from our social experts across the world, here are the top things you need to know about recent changes to the social platforms:


🛍 TikTok launched automatic product identification as the platform continues its push for content to be readily monetized. The new feature will identify all products in a game, giving users the ability to shop similar products that are showcased in the post.

📊 Surprising U.S. TikTok usage – A new Pew Research Center study analyzed how U.S. adults use TikTok. Along with FYP and engagement preferences, they found a lot of lurker behavior with the most active 25% of U.S. adults producing 98% of the content on the app, while half of U.S. adults have never posted a video.

👩‍⚖️ In Europe, The EU have wasted no time in using their powers under the Digital Services Act. They have officially launched an investigation to determine whether TikTok is in violation of the DSA.


✅ Hot off announcing it will be deprioritising political content on Instagram and Threads, Meta is now rolling out its fact-check markers on Threads content. Research shows that fact-check labels significantly reduce false news sharing intentions, which could prove very important this year with various elections happening around the world.


🎶 Music to our ears – For those missing UMG’s music catalogue on TikTok, it might be time to play around with YouTube Shorts. You can now use the audio from any music videos on the platform in your short-form content, among other new features.

🔍 New analytics can now show creators their top-performing shorts, videos, on-demand, and lives, along with how much each one earned. This new data provides creators with more insights into their successes and how best to go about making future content.


🎠 Anything you can do, I can do Meta! There’s been a Reely predictable development in the Instagram v TikTok rivalry, as Instagram is testing carousel posts within reels. This means users will be able to post multiple still images or video in a single Reels posts.

# What’s the deal with Insta’s hashtag limits? Rumor has it they’re capping it at five per post. Whether it’s a bug or not, play it safe with targeted tags.

🌍 Get ready for some sticker magic on Insta—customizable backdrops and direct ordering are on the menu. And with Creator Marketplace expanding to eight new markets, it’s open season for influencers.

Reddit, Inc.

🤖 Reddit seals $60 million deal with Google. The deal will allow Google the use of Reddit’s content in order to train its generative AI models to sound natural and conversational while maintaining up-to-date information.

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