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How brands can use the new Facebook reactions

Facebooks new reaction emoji’s (a pulsating heart and a ‘care’ emoji) are being introduced as additional ways to show empathy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘care’ icon – a smiley emoji hugging a heart – can be used on Facebook reactions posts and comments, while the pulsating heart emoji is a response option on Messenger.

These may not seem like massive changes, but the new reactions are two small ways that Facebook users can convey compassion and togetherness in a time when many of us are forced to physically distance.

They also offer a great way for brands to show empathy and support their communities.

But how can brands use these new Facebook Reactions?

Our team of social media specialists use reactions daily – they’re great ways to acknowledge posts from consumers and work well when used in tandem with written responses. They can help to convey emotion in a concise and clear way.

For example, if a member of the community shares their experience of how COVID-19 has affected them or their families, the ‘care’ emoji would be a nice addition to a written response that offers comfort and support.

On Messenger, our team would use the pulsating heart emoji for moments when people appear to be emotional and would benefit from additional support.

Emojis provide us with a way to replicate human gestures, providing additional context to text that can often be interpreted in multiple ways. 

Facebook is rolling out these new features as we speak, so they may not be available to all users, but if your brand would like additional support in working out when it’s appropriate to use these reactions, The Social Element’s engagement team can train your teams as soon as the new features are available.

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