What the Q4 2023 Social Platforms Earnings means for your brand

Each quarter, all publicly traded companies in the US are required to give an update on the status of their business to their shareholders and to the public. The social platforms’ quarterly earnings are particularly important for those in the social space as they show the growth of the platform, introduce new usage numbers, and pinpoint successes (and misses) that the platform experienced in the previous quarter. 

We’re passing along some highlights from these earnings calls to understand areas of growth as well as challenges that our clients and brands may be up against. 

Like our clients who are reliant on social platforms’ ability to run ads and retain audiences, as an agency, we are also dependent on the success of social platforms. Earnings calls show us where social platforms are succeeding, what they are investing in, and give us a window into what our clients will be asking for before they know they want it.

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