How can you proactively navigate uncertainty as a social media user?

When unpredictability is higher than usual, how can you navigate the jungle of uncertainty with some semblance of clarity and control?

Social media content reflects what’s going on in the world and peoples’ thought streams as we explored in Part 2: What content captures your attention on your social media stream?

As most of the world is impacted by unprecedented events right now; the consequences and responses to this impact inevitably show up in the social media highway.  This in turn impacts us as individuals as we process content through our internal lens and filters.

In our 4th and final part of our Wellness is a Journey series, we ask: How can you proactively navigate uncertainty as a social media user? 

Here are our top 5 suggestions for navigating uncertainty in the context of using social media.

Be mindful: Rather than treating social media usage as a habit, include it as a thoughtful part of your daily life where you choose to be aware of your thoughts and feelings as you travel the social media highway.  Know why you’re on a particular social media platform and use it with that intention in mind. This way you opt for a richer experience instead of an automated habit.

Connect: Use social media for it’s easy access to connecting with others to organise more meaningful encounters; such as calls, communal get-togethers (online or safely distanced) or getting support from a friend, mentor or coach.  

Learn and innovate: When faced with uncertainty, take the opportunity to learn, brainstorm ideas and #keeppioneering. This revitalises us to keep moving forward. Use social to find out what others think, what’s trending and the latest insights on innovations of interest to you.

Stay grounded: Being grounded simply means being aware of your physical self in the present moment and within your surroundings.  As you pursue your favourite social channels, take frequent breaks to look up and remind yourself of your physical surroundings.  Check in with how you feel physically – are you tensing your shoulders or squinting or relaxed? Take a moment, frequently, to close your eyes and be aware of your breathing.  Get vigilant on what you’re doing at the moment and what your reality is, rather than falling into habitual numbing by inattentive scrolling and liking.

Get inspired: We all know someone similar to ourselves who seems to be experiencing all forms of success – and that ugly voice of comparison creeps up on us.  Instead of comparing yourself to others, get inspired!  If someone has achieved something you are also aiming for; get curious and learn how they did it.  Remind yourself about why you are setting out to achieve that goal and get proactive on moving toward it. 

In times of high unpredictability and uncertainty, there is an opportunity to #Keeppioneering and feeling well, whole and healthy impacts our behaviour and the results we experience. 

Why not apply this pioneering spirit to energising your state of wellness?

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